An experienced CEO and company director I have been involved in financial services and property since the early 1980’s. I know that employees, customers, and clients have one significant thing in common – they are first and foremost human beings. The key to success is to find a way to harness the power of the talent within you that you will achieve success in business, sport, and life. 

I also have experience of being a non-Executive Director for a Ministry of Defence agency where my experience of organisational change and people development was key to being a supportive challenger and critical friend to the board. 

I was part of the start up team for a new residential mortgage lender in the early 2000's which quickly grew into a significant player in its chosen market. Creating infrastructure and establishing business plans provided a stable platform from which to achieve our business goals.  


For the last 10 years I have been working for a residential property services group where I successfully led the valuation and survey business in a very challenging market. An ability to build sustainable relationships with partners and customers coupled with a passion for bringing organisational development to life delivers success. A clear plan, well-communicated, and with explicit milestones is the starting point for any development or recovery plan.

Whatever stage you, or your business, are at right now and no matter what journey you have taken to get here, I can help you visualise what you want, and work with you to realise those dreams and ambitions.